Use technology responsibly, urges cyber-safety expert

Dustin Hogan of an organization called Safer Schools Together provides tips to student leaders at a day-long workshop on cyber safety in Martensville on Wednesday, October 3

Today’s average smartphone contains more powerful computer technology than NASA scientists had available to them when they sent the first man to the moon fifty years ago. Continue reading “Use technology responsibly, urges cyber-safety expert”

Highway 11, 12 interchange projects nearing completion

The Highway 12 overpass project at Martensville is 85 per cent complete

The Highway 11 overpass at Warman and Highway 12 overpass at Martensville are approximately 85 per cent complete, according to Peter Kiewit and Sons, the general contractors on the $66 million project. Continue reading “Highway 11, 12 interchange projects nearing completion”

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