The value of construction projects in the RM of Corman Park in the 2023 calendar year totalled more than $129.2 million.

That marked the second consecutive year of record construction values in the municipality, topping the previous high-water mark of $121.6 million set in 2022.

While the number of building permits issued during the 12-month period from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023 was lower than the previous two years, the overall total value of the projects reflected higher costs for labour and materials. In 2023, the RM issued 264 building permits, compared to 291 in 2022 and 288 in 2021.

The RM also collected a record amount of permit fee revenue in 2023 ($719,958.38) compared to $666,232.70 in 2022 and $490,360.67 in 2021.

A report to the January 22, 2024 Corman Park Council meeting from the municipality’s planning and development department provided information on building permits issued over the past decade. Both permit numbers and the value of construction have been rising relatively steadily over the past ten years, except for a sharp decline in 2019 and 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Construction activity rebounded in 2021 and has been rising ever since.

The report noted that last year saw a total of 30 projects that were equal to, or greater than, $1 million in value of construction (VOC).

Fourteen of those high-value projects were industrial/commercial, with the largest being an industrial complex-warehouse in Division 4 worth a total of $15.25 million. A gas bar with convenience store, food service and pump canopies with an estimated VOC of $10 million was also built in Division 4; while a manufacturing establishment with a VOC of $6.35 million was built in Division 6.

A $2.1 million intensive agricultural operation poultry barn was built in Division 7; while a $1.57 million intensive livestock operation research barn renovation and addition was completed in Division 1.

A $1.09 million public works water pumphouse alteration and reservoir expansion was built in Division 1.

A significant number of residential dwellings were constructed in 2023. The most notable were three single-unit residences, each valued at $1.6 million, built in Divisions 1, 2 and 3.