With tax season around the corner, the Government of Saskatchewan is reminding families with children and youth participating in sports, culture, and recreation that they can access the Active Families Benefit when they file their 2023 taxes.

The benefit is available to families with an annual income up to $60,000. They can receive up to $150 per year, for each child 18 years or younger, or $200 per year for children who are eligible for the federal Child Disability Tax Credit. Eligible families claim the benefit when they file their taxes.

“The Active Families Benefit is a tax credit that helps make activities more affordable and accessible for Saskatchewan families,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Laura Ross said. “For parents who enrolled their children in sport, culture and recreation activities in 2023, they should hang onto their receipts, in order to claim the benefit when they do their taxes later this spring.”

The Active Families Benefit ensures that the families who need it the most can access it – meaning youth can continue to be involved in sport, recreation and cultural activities. This helps build strong families and strong communities across our province.

The following are eligible for the Active Families Benefit:

* Sporting activities that provide exposure, training, or participation in any field of sport in an organized and competitive environment that requires strategy, physical training and mental preparation.

* Recreational activities that provide exposure, training, or participation in any field of recreation designed to refresh, provide satisfaction, entertain and provide physical or mental benefits.

* Cultural activities that provide exposure, training, or participation in the field of arts, heritage or multiculturalism.

For more information on the Active Families Benefit visit the frequently asked questions at: