The Government of Saskatchewan is applying to intervene in legal challenges to the federal firearms ban currently before the Federal Court of Appeal.​

The original challenges were heard in Ottawa in April, 2023, by the Federal Court of Canada, which dismissed them on October 30 (Parker v Canada (Attorney General). In November, four of the applicants, including the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, filed appeals.​

“We believe in the merits of this case on administrative and constitutional grounds,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Bronwyn Eyre announced at a Saskatoon Wildlife Federation dinner on Friday. “The federal ban already includes up to 1,800 ‘variants,’ will cost billions of dollars, and directly conflicts with sections of the Criminal Code which state that firearms that can reasonably be used for hunting or sporting purposes cannot be banned.”​

In the spring of 2023, the Government of Saskatchewan brought into force The Saskatchewan Firearms Act, part of the province’s commitment to keeping Saskatchewan people and communities safe, addressing violent gun crime, and promoting responsible firearms ownership.​

“Saskatchewan is firm in its opposition to the federal firearms ban, which unfairly targets law-abiding firearms owners and will have little impact on firearms-related crime,” Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Paul Merriman said. “We believe in taking tangible action, such as the measures included in The Saskatchewan Firearms Act and our ongoing investment in the Saskatchewan Firearms Office, to increase responsible firearms safety in our province.”​

Government has dedicated approximately $8.9 million to the Saskatchewan Firearms Office in the 2023-24 budget, which includes funding for administering The Saskatchewan Firearms Act, supporting police investigations into illegal firearms, and enhancing training and education regarding safe storage and firearms licensing.​

No date has yet been set for the hearing of the appeals.