The 2023 Saskatchewan Winter Games are underway in Regina February 19-25.

The Games features competition for young athletes ranging in age from 11-17 years old.

A total of 173 communities across Saskatchewan will be represented at this event.

In addition, 1,015 athletes, 346 coaches, managers and mission staff, and 122 technical officials are participating in these Games.

Upwards of 800 local volunteers are helping to organize and stage the Games.

The 2023 Saskatchewan Winter Games will feature 16 sports:

Alpine Ski, Artistic Swimming, Badminton, Biathlon, Bowling – Special Olympics, Cross Country and Para Nordic Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Futsal, Gymnastics, Judo, Speed Skating, Table Tennis, Target Shooting, Weightlifting, and Wrestling.

These Games mark the debut of Futsal and Mixed Doubles Curling at the Saskatchewan Winter Games.

The Saskatchewan Games are one of the largest amateur sporting events in Saskatchewan, seeing participation from over 2,000 athletes, coaches, and officials and over 1,000 volunteers from every corner of the province.

Inclusion is a large focus of the Saskatchewan Games, both Special Olympic and Para-athletes participating alongside able-bodied athletes.

It’s a large-scale gathering that reflects the cultural diversity of our province.

Held every two years, alternating between summer and winter, the Games provide an opportunity for the province’s developing athletes, coaches, and officials to experience an exciting multi-sport event in preparation for higher levels of competition, including the Canada Games, North American Indigenous Games, the Olympics and Paralympic Games.

First established in 1972, the Saskatchewan Games have helped shape the lives and careers of young people from across the province.

Countless Saskatchewan Games alumni have advanced to competition at the national level and beyond, with Olympians such as Emily Clarke, Marsha Hudey and Lucas Makowsky counting the Saskatchewan Winter Games as a key step in their journey to the highest levels of sport.

The Saskatchewan Games also leave behind valuable financial legacies that benefit each host community for years to come.

This is the first time the Games have been hosted in Regina.

Throughout the Games’ 50-year history, the major centres of Regina and Saskatoon have been excluded from hosting due to their ability to host larger events such as the Canada Games.

Regina is the 17th different community in Saskatchewan to host the Saskatchewan Games.

The next Saskatchewan Games will be hosted in summer 2024 in Lloydminster.

Area athletes, coaches, managers and mission staff



Thaddeus Chabaylo (Waldheim), Welgemoed Juandre (Waldheim), Kloey Sutherland ( Duck Lake)


Tyler Derksen (Hague), Gavin Martens (Rosthern)


Steven Wu (Rosthern)


Kenneth Young (Duck Lake)

Mission Staff

Vanessa Atkins (Rosthern)

Lisa Braun (Hepburn)

Tonya McEachren (Warman)



Jillian Benko (Martensville)

Shane Benko ( Martensville)


Milla Niefer (Corman Park)


Cara Kesserling (Warman)


Brook Halford ( Warman)

Adelyn Janis (Martensville)

Atley Mathies ( Martensville)

Josie Royer ( Grasswood)

Speed skating

Keegan Beausoleil (Warman)

Carter Budge ( Martensville)

Evyn Carr ( Delisle)


Isabella Barclay (Warman)

Trenna Gessell (Delisle)

Liv Mortenson (Warman)

Jaxton Smith (Warman)

Makenna Smith (Warman)

Figure skating

Jillian Benko (Martensville)

Shane Benko (Martensville)

Samantha Bothner (Warman)

Alexis Jepson (Warman)

Bella Russell (Warman)

Cami McCormick (Osler)

CoachBonnie Morgan (Warman)


Chloe Bartel (Martensville)

Katryna Dobchuk (RR Saskatoon)

Chayce Findlay ( Aberdeen)

Mya Freyling ( Clavet)

Claire Gillis (Warman)

Lauren King (Warman)

Fallon MacLachlan ( Aberdeen)

Aubrey Sawyer (Osler)

Coach Jeffrey Freyling (Clavet)

Coach Heather Findlay ( Aberdeen)

Manager Jaime Drader ( Osler)

Justin Farfan (Martensville)

Gabe Houle ( Osler)

Julian Moldeon (Martensville)

Abdiel Zabaleta Bargen ( Martensville)

Rene Zabaleta Bargen ( Martensville)

Coach Cam Houle ( Osler)

Coach Abel Zabaleta Alcazar (Martensville)

Target shooting

Rex Norman (Martensville)

Emerson Romanov (Martensville)

Mason Cey (Martensville)

Tristan McDuff (Warman)

Seth Norman (Martensville)

Jaydyn Okell (Martensville)


Landon Moss (Martensville)

Zechariah Topping (Martensville)

Manager Tara Topping (Martensville)

Mission Staff

Angie Reddekopp (Martensville)