Firefighters battle wildfire near Clarkboro Ferry

Firefighters from Warman, Osler, and Martensville were called to the scene of a large wildfire near the Clarkboro Ferry east of Warman.

The fire, which began on the west bank of the South Saskatchewan River near the ferry landing at about 2:00 p.m. on Monday, April 22, was fanned by southerly winds gusting up to 50 kilometers per hour. It spread rapidly up the riverbank and onto a stubble field. Continue reading “Firefighters battle wildfire near Clarkboro Ferry”

Clarkboro Ferry open for business

Corman Park Police Sergeant Warren Gherasim was the first to cross the Clarkboro Ferry on Friday, April 27

The Clarkboro Ferry is back in business for another season.
The ferry, the busiest in the province, was slated to begin taking vehicles across in the early afternoon of Friday, April 27. Continue reading “Clarkboro Ferry open for business”

River ice thickness unpredictable, warns Warman Fire Chief

CN Rail is currently working on the first phase of a two-year project to rebuild the main line railway bridge across the South Saskatchewan River near the Clarkboro Ferry crossing

The ice thickness on the South Saskatchewan River at the Clarkboro Ferry will be “very unsafe and very unpredictable” in late February and through the month of March, according to Warman Fire Chief Russ Austin. Continue reading “River ice thickness unpredictable, warns Warman Fire Chief”