Conservative MPs table questions in Parliament

The Hon. Candice Bergen, House Leader for Canada’s Official Opposition, announced on Wednesday, December 11 that Canada’s Conservatives have submitted over 200 Order Paper Questions. Conservative Members of Parliament from every region of the country submitted questions to force Justin Trudeau’s government to answer for their unethical scandals and mismanagement of taxpayer’s dollars. Continue reading “Conservative MPs table questions in Parliament”

National Lacrosse League and B/R Live to offer live “Game of the Week”

The National Lacrosse League (NLL) and its global media partner B/R Live recently announced a wider expansion of NLL live game coverage across multiple platforms, with the launch of the NLL “Game of the Week” streaming for free across B/R Live domestically and Twitter and Facebook worldwide. Continue reading “National Lacrosse League and B/R Live to offer live “Game of the Week””

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