Premier Scott Moe

Premier Scott Moe has returned to the province following a successful mission to the United Arab Emirates for the COP28 conference. Saskatchewan shared its story with leaders across the globe in agriculture, mining and energy sustainability.​

“At COP28, I was proud to see the inclusion of some of our most valued industries like energy, mining and agriculture,” Moe said. “It is imperative they are part of the sustainability discussion, and this year they were. It truly was a one-stop shop where the sole focus was all things Saskatchewan. Engagement and connections made at COP28 help attract investment and mean more opportunities in our province.”​

While at the conference, Saskatchewan hosted over 50 panel discussions and events at its pavilion.

Some panel topics included:

  • Carbon capture utilization and storage
  • Sustainable oil policies
  • Powering the future with Saskatchewan uranium
  • Sustainable critical mineral supply chain
  • Small modular reactors
  • Energy innovation
  • Sustainable food production
  • Saskatchewan potash sustainably feeding the world
  • Alternative proteins in the agriculture sector

Approximately 60 Saskatchewan businesses, institutions and organizations joined the delegation to share their stories.

The mission also offered an opportunity to announce many opportunities for collaboration with new and existing international partners. Some of the new partnerships announced include:

  • Letter of Intent on clean energy between the University of Regina, Petroleum Technology Research Centre, and Khalifa University.
  • Letter of Intent on nuclear cooperation between the Saskatchewan Research Council and Khalifa University.
  • MOU on energy innovation between the University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Polytechnic.
  • Partnership on regenerative agriculture between the Government of Saskatchewan and Bayer.

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