A total of 138 motorists in Saskatchewan were arrested and charged for impaired driving in January and February, 2023.

Two people died and five others were injured in a New Year’s Day highway crash outside of Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan police reported 414 impaired driving offences in December, according to SGI sources.

Impaired driving continues to occur any day of the week, on a municipal street, in a city, in a town or on a highway.

Even with the public being inundated with media messaging, news feeds describing death and injuries from accidents involving impaired drivers, and videos of horrific tragedy, people continue to think they are immune from any of the fallout and danger they create by getting behind the wheel when impaired.

“The bottom line is this: if you drive impaired anywhere in the RM of Corman Park, we will do everything we can to stop you….and there is a strong chance you’ll be caught, arrested, and charged,” said Chief Ron Chomyn of the Corman Park Police Service (CPPS).

“It is disheartening to constantly deal with drivers, who in today’s age of social awareness, continue to put OTHERS at risk with their lack of integrity and judgment. They don’t have to deal with the after-effects of their decisions like we do, victims families do, and first responders do,

“To say that people don’t know the law, you can’t do that anymore. The messaging is everywhere. There’s just a core group of people that continue to make poor choices,” said Chomyn.

There continues to be ingrained attitudes and behaviours that influence the perceived acceptability of impaired driving. Organizations like MADD and SGI work tirelessly to bring attention to this crime…and it is a crime.

“I’m not going to spout about the impacts on insurance and fines because that doesn’t matter,” said Chomyn. “The impacts on people, from the impaired driver themselves to the families and friends of those killed or injured, that’s what matters!

“I will never forget the pain on the face of every person, parent, and family member when I had to tell someone about their son or daughter, mom, or dad, being killed needlessly by an impaired driver who chose to get behind the wheel.”

Report Impaired Drivers (RID) is a road safety program that encourages the public to call 911 to report a suspected impaired driver.

CPPS plans to increase check stops and vigilantly patrol known areas where alcohol and cannabis consumption are prevalent.

“We need your help to make our roads safer with the RID program,” said Chomyn. “Before you make that call to 911, please ensure you’re using a hands-free device, or you’re safely pulled over on the roadside. State the location you last saw the impaired driver, which direction the vehicle is travelling, and describe the vehicle as best you can such as colour, make, model, and licence plate.

“We want everyone to enjoy what the  RM of Corman Park has to offer, like summer spots such as Paradise Beach. But, if you roll the dice by choosing to drive after consuming any amount of alcohol, we will be there.

“And there will be no warnings, other than the one you’re reading right now to stop driving impaired.”