Westleaf Cannabis set to open Warman store

Westleaf Cannabis President and CEO Scott Hurd

Warman’s second cannabis retail store, Prairie Records, is expected to opens its doors  at the end of  this month.

Scott Hurd, President and CEO of Westleaf Cannabis, said the Warman store will be the company’s first retail location to open under the Prairie Records banner. Continue reading “Westleaf Cannabis set to open Warman store”

Clubroot found in Corman Park, three other area RMs

RMs where clubroot was detected are shown in blue and yellow

Clubroot, a disease that restricts a plant’s ability to obtain water and nutrients from the soil, has been detected in the rural municipalities (RMs) of Corman Park, Aberdeen, Rosthern and St. Louis.

The four area RMs were found to have at least one field that tested positive for the plant pathogen in a survey conducted for the provincial Ministry of Agriculture over the past year. A map identifying infected fields was unveiled by the province January 9. Continue reading “Clubroot found in Corman Park, three other area RMs”

Co-op workers vote to reject latest offer

Co-op workers walk the picket line in Warman January 3

Members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1400 voted on Friday, January 4 to reject the latest contract offer from Saskatoon Co-op.

In a close vote, 60 per cent of Saskatoon Co-op workers rejected the proposal. Continue reading “Co-op workers vote to reject latest offer”

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