KidSport raffle aims for sellout

A custom-built playhouse-garden shed is the grand prize in the 2019 KidSport raffle. At the ticket launch on May 3 were Lions Club members Syl Serblowski, Carol Conrad, Geoff Passey, Doug Ward, A&W owners Brian and Bernice Buffin, Clark’s Crossing Gazette publisher Terry Jenson and Martensville KidSport Coordinator Angie Reddekopp.

Organizers of the fifth annual KidSport raffle are confident that all 7,000 tickets will be sold before the big draw is held on July 4.

The grand prize in the raffle is a 100-square-foot playhouse  that doubles as a garden shed. Built by Grade 12 students at Martensville High School, the playhouse is valued at about $4,000. Continue reading “KidSport raffle aims for sellout”

Safety on the job site starts with reducing risks

Martensville Deputy Fire Chief Dean Brooman speaks with workers in the Geransky Brothers Construction shop during a fire safety education session on Wednesday, April 3

As a certified fire inspector, Martensville Deputy Fire Chief Dean Brooman has seen the inside of a lot of commercial buildings, big and small, in Martensville.

Part of his job is to conduct annual fire inspections of all businesses in the city. He’s looking to ensure everything meets fire code regulations, and to identify and rectify any potential hazards.

“It’s all about preventing accidents and helping folks get home safely to their families at the end of the day,” said Brooman. “The goal is to reduce the risks as much as we can.”
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Driver, pedestrians escape injury in Martensville collision

The driver of a vehicle that collided with a light standard, as well as three pedestrians that were in the vicinity at the time of the crash, all escaped injury on Tuesday afternoon, April 2.

The collision occurred at about 5:15 p.m. at the intersection of Baycroft Drive and 6th Street North in Martensville. Continue reading “Driver, pedestrians escape injury in Martensville collision”