Sask Five Bantam AA Giants Sliders City Championship Playoffs

Nicholas McMorrow has his eyes on the ball while in swinging motion during the semifinal matchup against the Athletics
Reese Tonnellier of the Sask Five Giants is safe as he successfully steals home plate during the semifinals of the Saskatoon Minor Baseball Bantam AA Tier 1-2 City Championship semifinals against the Saskatoon Athletics on July 12
Leighton Busby stares down the ball during the City Championship Playoffs Final on July 16
Grayson Hanley does his best to catch a Bandits’ runner stealing, but the ball was off target and went into the outfield
Sask Five Giants catcher Brayden Barnett shows some flexibility while catching a pop-up behind the plate for the second out in the seventh inning of the championship final
Brayden Barnet hits a home run during is first at bat which was the Giants’ first hit and first run of the semifinal game against the Athletics
Nolan Lindberg fouls off a pitch during the semifinal match against the Athletics
Nikolas Hrapchak pitched three innings for the Sask Five Giants during the league City Championship semifinals against the Saskatoon Athletics

Osler Canada Day 2018

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Warman Canada Day 2018

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Aberdeen Days June 23, 2018

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Hague Summer Blast June 23, 2018

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