Juliana Sarich of Dalmeny

At 9 years of age, Dalmeny dancer Juliana Sarich performed with the prestigious Royal Winnipeg Ballet in the seasonal favourite The Nutcracker.

Juliana danced the part of an angel at TCU Place this past weekend and described the experience as a dream come true.

“I loved being able to watch all the professional dancers right there in front of me.  It made me want to be one of them when I get older,” she said.

Auditions were held on September 10 and by September 14 she received the news she was accepted to perform.

“I jumped up and down with excitement. I was so happy I got invited and I got the part I wanted most,” she said.   

Juliana already dances 8-9 hours per week at Kristy’s Dance Fusion. Additional practices, two rehearsals and a costume fitting kept Juliana extra busy.     

To be successful Juliana says you have to believe in yourself and work hard. “Ballet is a really graceful dance but you also have to be really strong. That means a lot of training.” 

Being part of The Nutcracker undeniably bolstered her enthusiasm. “It was really fun and exciting to be on stage.  I love ballet so much more now.” But that isn’t the only style of dance Juliana enjoys. She is also involved in Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Acro. In fact she just completed her Tap and Jazz exams earlier this month.

Juliana started dance at the age of 3 and there is no end in sight. She is currently focusing on excelling in upcoming competitions and doing well in March 2024 when she takes her next ballet exam.

Further down the road Juliana wants to teach and be part of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company as well as attend the Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver BC. In the meantime when not dancing, Juliana enjoys crafts and hanging out with her friends.