Smoking materials are a leading cause of outdoor fires. As temperatures warm up and residents enjoy more time outdoors, improper or inadequate storage and disposal of smoking materials becomes a greater risk.

Residents are reminded to:

* Safely store smoking materials up high, away from children’s reach.

* When smoking, use a deep, heavy ashtray that does not tip over to hold ashes and butts.

* Dispose of smoking materials in a metal, ceramic or glass container with a lid that has water or sand at the bottom.

* Keep disposed smoking materials a safe distance from anything combustible.

* Never discard smoking materials in vegetation, mulch, peat moss, potted plants, leaves, grasses, or other easily combustible materials.

* Douse smoking materials in water or sand to ensure they are safely out.

Smoking materials include, but are not limited to:

* Cigarettes

* Cigars

* Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), otherwise known as vape pens

* Drug paraphernalia

* Lighters and matches

Smoking material fires are preventable fires. A dropped or improperly disposed cigarette can smoulder for hours before bursting into flames or can ignite sooner in windy conditions. Be a responsible smoker and properly put out smoking materials completely and safely, every time.