Student mural depicts history of community

Warman High School art students at work on a mural depicting the history of the community

It takes a big painting to tell a big story.

A large colourful mural depicting the century-plus history of the Warman district will soon be unveiled at the Route 11 Creative Arts Centre. Continue reading “Student mural depicts history of community”

Warman High students learn basic life-saving CPR techniques

Warman Fire Rescue Lieutenant Lee Olfert demonstrates proper technique for applying pressure while performing CPR on an infant during a class at Warman High School on Thursday, December 13

Grade 10 students at Warman High School now know what to do if someone starts choking.

“It happens more often than you might think,” said Warman Fire Rescue (WFR) Lieutenant Lee Olfert. “Knowing how to do abdominal thrusts is a life skill that everyone should know.

“You hope you never have to use it, but you could very well find yourself in a situation where you have to act fast, and it’s important to know what to do.” Continue reading “Warman High students learn basic life-saving CPR techniques”