Diary of Anne Frank has relevance in today’s world

Cast members of The Diary of Anne Frank rehearse on the set at Martensville High School Theatre on January 10

Anne Frank died in March, 1945, when she was just 13 years old, a victim of the Jewish Holocaust conducted by Nazi Germany during the Second World War.
But she lives on forever through her diary, a poignant and highly personal account of the two years she and her family spent hiding from the Nazis in a small annex in Amsterdam in. The diary made a world-wide impact when it was discovered following the liberation of the Netherlands.
The diary was eventually published in the form of a novel, and in the 1950s it became the basis of an award-winning New York stage drama.
Now, that original, unadapted script is being brought to life again by student actors at Martensville High School (MHS). Continue reading “Diary of Anne Frank has relevance in today’s world”