Trends show economy doing better than expected: SREDA

Multi-family residential homes under construction in Martensville

The red-hot boom years may be over, but the Saskatchewan economy is still doing well.
And the Saskatoon region is performing better than other parts of the province, according to Alex Fallon, Chair of the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA). Continue reading “Trends show economy doing better than expected: SREDA”

Osler ‘Local Food Trail’ showcases area producers

Anna’s Orchard near Osler, owned by Lyle and Linda Stucky, produces a variety of fruit

A collective of Osler-area food producers is hoping a lot of locals and visitors will hit the “Local Food Trail” this summer. That’s the name of their new food route, a project they’ve been working on for over a year, in response to the growing local food movement.

The initiative is a joint effort between the Saskatoon Food Council (SFC), the Town of Osler, the RM of Corman Park and Osler area food producers.

“We had some encouraging involvement by the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Association (SREDA), who completed a major analysis about the economic impact, the demographics and the potential for this trail to draw people from the city or off the highway into the Osler area,” said Gord Ens, executive director of the SFC. Continue reading “Osler ‘Local Food Trail’ showcases area producers”

New SREDA scholarship invests in future indigenous leaders

Shaun Soonias (left), executive director of SFNEDN, Alex Fallon, CEO of SREDA and David Keast, President and CEO of Great Plains College formalize the scholarship agreement

Indigenous people who want to study economic development at Great Plains College (GPC) will soon have access to a new scholarship provided by Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA).

The SREDA Indigenous Economic Development Scholarship (SEIDS) will be available to students in their first or second year of study in the Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development program.

The initiative is the result of a partnership between SREDA, the Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network (SFNEDN) and Great Plains College. Representatives from each made the announcement at GPC on Wednesday.

“SREDA has been around for 25 years and has always struggled to find and recruit indigenous economic developers to help us grow the local economy and to work with SREDA,” said Alex Fallon, CEO of SREDA. Continue reading “New SREDA scholarship invests in future indigenous leaders”