UPDATE: Long-standing Dalmeny police officer charged with assault

WEDNESDAY 9 AM  Police chief Ted Mossop reported this morning that Scott Rowe, the Dalmeny police officer charged with assault, has been confined to office duties while his case is before the courts. A meeting of the police commission late Tuesday afternoon felt this decision was in the best interests of everyone. Chief Mossop also clarified that the alleged domestic-related incident occurred while Rowe was off-duty.

TUESDAY 5 PM Scott Rowe, a senior constable with the Dalmeny Police Service for the past 10 years, has been charged with assault. Rowe appeared in provincial court on Tuesday morning, May 23, and will reappear on June 27, according to Dalmeny Police Chief, Ted Mossop.

The file was handled by the RCMP – an outside agency, so Mossop hasn’t gotten access to the information yet because of a busy long weekend. “I haven’t read the statements yet or even seen the file. I don’t have the court documents yet so I don’t want to comment too much until I have all the facts,” Mossop said.

No determination has yet been made as to whether Rowe will stay on active duty while the allegation is before the court. “We have a meeting at 5:15 tonight to discuss any further action through the police commission. That decision has not been made one way or the other, whether he will remain on active duty,” Mossop said. He expects a decision tonight, but that will depend on how much information is available.




Dalmeny memorial hit by vandalism

Dalmeny Police Constable Scott Rowe examines the vandalism done to the memorial gazebo dedicated to the late Corporal Shane Keating.
Dalmeny Police Constable Scott Rowe examines the vandalism done to the memorial gazebo

A wave of graffiti vandalism in Dalmeny over the past week has caused thousands of dollars in damage to private homes, vehicles, and a school.
But what is most disturbing is the ‘tagging’ of a memorial gazebo dedicated to the late Corporal Shane Keating, who was killed in action while serving with the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan.
Dalmeny Police Service (DPS) Constable Scott Rowe said the vandalism was discovered the morning of Thursday, July 28 by a town employee. A threatening phrase scrawled across the treated-wood walls of the gazebo was apparently written using ink for a bingo dabber. Splotches of the ink also stained the composite-deck floor of the structure.
Rowe said the police are investigating the incidents and are currently following several leads. He encouraged anyone with information to contact the police service.
“We haven’t had any issues with tagging for a long time; until now,” said Rowe in an interview at the vandalized memorial gazebo, located in a neighbourhood park beside the town’s elementary school.
“In the past week, we’ve seen several instances. The individual, or group of individuals, hit the school here quite badly, spray-painting a brick wall. They hit a residential garage on Loeppky Avenue, spray-painting the whole 16 by 9 foot door of the garage, and also spray-painted a truck in that same alley.
“It’s disturbing when you see that kind of damage done to private property,” he said. “There’s probably several thousand dollars in damage done to those structures and vehicles.”

The gazebo was built by students at Dalmeny High School.
The gazebo, dedicated to the memory of the late Corporal Shane Keating, was built by students at Dalmeny High School.

But the damage to the memorial, built by students at Dalmeny High School and dedicated by the community to the late Corporal Keating, who grew up in Dalmeny, is “extremely upsetting,” said Rowe.
“When you target something like this, which means so much to the people of this town and this area, it really hurts everyone,” Rowe said. “A lot of people put in a lot of effort to make this a special place.”
Rowe said while the vaguely-worded message contains the word “Isis,” he dismisses any notion it is related to terrorism.
“It’s appears to be a case of straight vandalism,” he said. “I don’t think it’s political. I do, think, however, that whoever did this has issues, obviously.”
Rowe said it is unclear if the damaged section of the gazebo can be painted over or repaired, or whether some parts will have to be replaced entirely.
“This type of vandalism is very hurtful to everyone,” he said.
Anyone with information on this incident is urged to contact the Dalmeny Police Service at 306-254-2114 or e-mail