Influenza immunization shots available starting Monday

The publicly-funded influenza (flu) vaccine will be offered in Saskatchewan beginning October 23 through public health clinics, some physician and Nurse Practitioner offices, and participating pharmacies.

Flu shots will be available at many locations throughout the Saskatoon Health Region starting Monday, October 23

The free flu shot is offered to residents six months and older, and is highly recommended for people at high risk of complications from influenza. Continue reading “Influenza immunization shots available starting Monday”

Saskatoon Health Region adopts balanced operating, capital budgets

The Saskatoon Regional Health Authority Board approved Saskatoon Health Region’s 2017-18 operating budget plan of $1.246 billion and capital budget plan of $145.8 million at its meeting on Wednesday, August 2.
The operating budget plan is based on the Region’s multi-year strategy to focus on patient driven outcomes within a balanced budget. As part of this strategy, the Region is working with the Ministry of Health to achieve a balanced budget. Continue reading “Saskatoon Health Region adopts balanced operating, capital budgets”

Legislation to create single health region introduced

New legislation introduced on Tuesday, March 28 will improve frontline patient care by removing arbitrary health region boundaries and create a single Provincial Health Authority.
“One Provincial Health Authority that is focused on better coordination of health services across the province will help to ensure patients receive high-quality, timely health care, regardless of where they live in Saskatchewan,” Health Minister Jim Reiter said.
The Provincial Health Authority Act will enable the transition of the existing 12 Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) to a single Provincial Health Authority, and will:
* remove arbitrary geographical areas of responsibility (RHA boundaries);
* provide oversight of compensation levels to the contracts of the CEO and those that report to the CEO;
* allow for the creation and continuation of Community Advisory Networks to ensure community needs and interests are identified and advanced;
* ensure donations raised by local foundations continue to be used for the local health services or facilities they were raised for;
* establish the specific roles and responsibilities of the Minister and Provincial Health Authority; and
* repeal The Regional Health Services Act.
The legislation does not outline the structure or composition of the Provincial Health Authority and integrated service areas, or the composition of the board. This will be considered as part of ongoing transition planning.
“Having a strong connection to rural Saskatchewan, I know how important health care is to communities across this province,” Rural and Remote Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit said. “Our government is committed to ensuring that the local voice continues to be heard within the new health system structure.”
The full implementation of recommendations made by the Advisory Panel on Health System Structure will be phased over time. Many transformational initiatives recommended by the Advisory Panel will take more time to fully implement, including the re-design of clinical services like laboratory and diagnostic imaging, acute care services, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
Following passage of the new Act and the establishment of bylaws and regulations, the new Provincial Health Authority will come into force upon proclamation, which is still anticipated in fall 2017.