Students, families put down roots at Venture Heights School

Students and families planted 200 trees on the grounds of Venture Heights School on Friday, May 11

What started as a routine Grade 7 environmental science class project has branched out into an urban forestation program in Martensville. Continue reading “Students, families put down roots at Venture Heights School”

Venture Heights organizes inaugural basketball palooza

Members of the Martensville High and Valley Manor junior basketball teams both vie for possession of the ball during the inaugural basketball palooza at the MAP on November 28

Junior basketball teams gained valuable court time at the inaugural Basketball Palooza hosted by Venture Heights Elementary School at the Martensville Athletic Pavilion (MAP) November 28 and 30. Continue reading “Venture Heights organizes inaugural basketball palooza”

No cell phone? No problem… students benefit from limitations

Venture Heights Elementary School students Kylie Hackl, Kaylee Ayotte, Lexi Hradecki and Jada Kennon work on their presentation on cell phone limitations at their school

Cell phones are off-limits to students at Venture Heights Elementary School in Martensville during school hours.
The kids turn their devices in at the beginning of the day to their teacher, and get them back when the final bell rings in the afternoon.
And ironically, the overwhelming majority of phone-addicted youngsters are more than happy to comply. Continue reading “No cell phone? No problem… students benefit from limitations”