Fire bans implemented in area RMs

The RMs of Blucher, Rosthern, Laird, Great Bend, Biggar and Blaine Lake have now been added to a growing list of municipalities across the province that have implemented fire bans.

Firefighters battle a blaze near the Clarkboro Ferry on April 22

The RMs of Corman Park, Vanscoy and Montrose imposed fire bans last week in response to dangerously dry conditions. Continue reading “Fire bans implemented in area RMs”

Clubroot found in Corman Park, three other area RMs

RMs where clubroot was detected are shown in blue and yellow

Clubroot, a disease that restricts a plant’s ability to obtain water and nutrients from the soil, has been detected in the rural municipalities (RMs) of Corman Park, Aberdeen, Rosthern and St. Louis.

The four area RMs were found to have at least one field that tested positive for the plant pathogen in a survey conducted for the provincial Ministry of Agriculture over the past year. A map identifying infected fields was unveiled by the province January 9. Continue reading “Clubroot found in Corman Park, three other area RMs”

Residential subdivision proposed for Neuanlage

Len Cantin of Cantin Consulting Inc. explains the proposed residential infill subdivision at a meeting in Neuanlage on Tuesday, May 22

A proposed 15-lot residential infill subdivision in Neuanlage would improve street connections and expand the tax base while having a minimal impact on the hamlet’s quality of life and overall character, according to the developer, 5K Holdings. Continue reading “Residential subdivision proposed for Neuanlage”