Fire bans implemented in area RMs

The RMs of Blucher, Rosthern, Laird, Great Bend, Biggar and Blaine Lake have now been added to a growing list of municipalities across the province that have implemented fire bans.

Firefighters battle a blaze near the Clarkboro Ferry on April 22

The RMs of Corman Park, Vanscoy and Montrose imposed fire bans last week in response to dangerously dry conditions. Continue reading “Fire bans implemented in area RMs”

Pike Lake fire hall gets big financial boost

The Pike Lake Fire Hall got a much-needed financial shot in the arm on Thursday, October 18.

A $25,000 donation from the Richardson Foundation will go a long way toward helping firefighters in the area upgrade rescue equipment, tools and protective gear, according to Pike Lake District Fire Chief Marv Ceslak. Continue reading “Pike Lake fire hall gets big financial boost”