Three councillors re-elected in Corman Park

Corman Park Division 8 Councillor Wendy Trask

Michelle Chuhaniuk in Division 2, Bas Froese-Kooijenga in Division 6 and Wendy Trask in Division 8 were all re-elected by acclamation to Corman Park Council after nominations for even-numbered divisions officially closed on Thursday, September 20. Continue reading “Three councillors re-elected in Corman Park”

River floodplain study will generate map for landowners

A study will be done this summer on the river floodplain south of Saskatoon

A comprehensive hydraulic modelling and mapping study of the South Saskatchewan River floodplain south of Saskatoon will provide planners, landowners and developers with solid data on mitigating possible flood damage in the area. Continue reading “River floodplain study will generate map for landowners”

Spadina Crescent closure disappoints Valley residents

The prospect of Spadina Crescent being closed by the City of Saskatoon has been of considerable concern to RM of Corman Park residents for some time.

On May 23, the City voted unanimously to close Spadina to address security concerns around the water treatment plant and other challenges with the plant’s location. Spadina Crescent has been called “beloved” by residents who have used the river route as their main access into the city for upwards of 60 years.

The vote followed a public hearing, with about 35 Corman Park residents in attendance. About 13 spoke in opposition to the closure. Many of them run businesses or represent community organizations in the Valley Road area. The RM of Corman Park sent a letter to the City to state its opposition. One person spoke in favour of the closure. Continue reading “Spadina Crescent closure disappoints Valley residents”