Operation Impact targets speeding, impaired driving, distracted driving

From October 10, 2015 to October 12, 2015, RCMP members across Saskatchewan conducted traffic enforcement as part of Operation Impact – an enforcement initiative targeted at making Saskatchewan’s roads safer.

Enforcement targeted impaired driving (alcohol and drugs), distracted driving, aggressive driving (speeding, following too close, unsafe lane changes, fail to yield and careless driving) and seatbelt use, among others.

Over the course of Operation Impact, members made contact with (pulled over/stopped) 4,913 drivers in RCMP jurisdiction. Of those drivers members made contact with, there were 2,223 violations. Of note:

  • 46 impaired driving violations (all alcohol, zero drugs)
  • 4 aggressive driving violations (unsafe lane changes)
  • 7 aggressive driving violations (careless driving)
  • 42 seatbelt violations
  • 109 insurance related violations (ex. endorsement condition violation, incorrect license plate on a vehicle, driver operating a vehicle without a valid driver’s license ie: expired)
  • 14 driving while prohibited offences
  • 1094 aggressive driving violations – speeding

Of the 1094 speeding violations, 19 violations involving a vehicle traveling above 148 kilometers per hour. The violations occurred in different areas of the province. Of note:

  • 4 vehicles were traveling at a speed of 153 km/hr
  • 2 vehicles were traveling at a speed of 155 km/hr
  • 2 vehicles were traveling at a speed of 159 km/hr
  • 1 vehicle was traveling at a speed of 160 km/hr
  • One 27-year-old male driver was traveling on Highway #11 near Prince Albert at 185 km/hr. He was also charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle.

“Our goal is to ensure Saskatchewan’s roads are safe for everyone to travel on,” said S/Sgt. Caron, Commander of North Central Saskatchewan Traffic Services, “Each driver should remember that they aren’t the only ones traveling on Saskatchewan’s roadways. Let’s all do our part to ensure everyone reaches their destination safely.”