Construction begins on new Rosthern K-12 school

Premier Scott Moe is joined by students, town and school division officials at a sod-turning ceremony for the new K-12 school in Rosthern September 27

Construction of a new K-12 school in Rosthern officially got underway on Thursday, September 27 when Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe joined with school division and town officials to break ground on the $11.5 million project. Continue reading “Construction begins on new Rosthern K-12 school”

Borden School fair day combines music, books, science

Borden School teacher Shawn Dyck fills in for the school’s regular band teacher as he leads the students in their first performance on Wednesday, November 30
Borden School teacher Shawn Dyck fills in for the school’s regular band teacher as he leads the students in their first performance on Wednesday, November 30

Wednesday, November 30 was an action-packed day in Borden, as the community’s K-12 school hosted a book fair, science fair, fundraising bake sale and Christmas concert performance by students.
All on the same day.
“Everything’s going on simultaneously,” said Borden School Principal Mitch Luiten.”That’s one of the nice aspects of being a smaller school. You can have a good mix of activities and involve the entire student population. Every kid in the school is participating in something.
“And we get a lot of parents and people from the community coming by as well. There’s lots going on.”
A highlight of this year’s event at the school was the premiere performance of the Borden School band, made up of students from Grades 5-8. It’s the first year a dedicated band program has been implemented at the school with regular instruction in music for all students in those grades.
The band’s single-song performance sounded pretty sweet to parents, especially considering the kids only picked up the instruments at the end of September and have instruction just two days a week.
By the end of the year, though, the band should be an established part of the school, said Luiten.
“In the past we’ve had a band program, but it was part of a larger school division initiative that was optional for students,” said Luiten. “It was usually one or two kids that would go to Asquith once a week along with kids from other rural schools.
“But this year we have a band teacher that comes here twice a week and works with the 22 students in Grades 5 to 8 as a regular class.”
Luiten said music is an important part of the larger arts education curriculum, and the school division offered the school the option of implementing a dedicated band program.
“We decided to go this route because we didn’t want the kids to miss out on the opportunities that students in larger schools receive,” said Luiten.
The school also held a bake sale to raise funds for the Torrens family of Borden. Curtis Torrens was tragically killed in a workplace accident on the oil rigs a few weeks ago. Luiten said the Student Representative Council (SRC) organized the bake sale to show support for Curtis’ wife Elizabeth Torrens and their three children.
A book fair raises funds for the school, particularly the library, said Linda Yuskiw, the school librarian.
“Even with all the digital stuff kids have now, books aren’t going out of style,” said Yuskiw. “Students are always borrowing books. We have a circulation of probably 500 to 600 a month from the library. Our teachers really promote reading and the kids love it.”
A science fair involving students from Grades 5 through 12 was set up in a classroom as well as the corridors of the school.