Martensville school community councils coordinate efforts

Dr. Louise Humbert of the University of Saskatchewan provides information on the Physical Literacy project to School Community Council members at a gathering in Martensville on Monday, February 11

School Community Council (SCC) members from Martensville’s five schools got together to talk shop and coordinate plans last week.

SCC members from Lake Vista Elementary, Venture Heights Elementary, Valley Manor Elementary, Martensville High School and Ecole Holy Mary School gathered at Venture Heights School on Monday, February 11. Continue reading “Martensville school community councils coordinate efforts”

Little Women story comes to life on MHS stage

Marmee (Tori Fehr) reads a letter from her husband to her four daughters Jo (Grace Flegel), Meg (Katherine Daku), Beth (Avery Smith) and Amy (Greta Strueby) in a scene from Martensville High School Drama Club’s production of ‘Little Women’

Martensville High School’s (MHS) production of ‘Little Women’ is a delicious, sepia-toned slice of 19th-Century American apple pie. Continue reading “Little Women story comes to life on MHS stage”

Martensville students set the stage for drama production

Martensville High School Theatre Arts students work on building a stage set for the school drama club’s upcoming production of ‘Little Women’

After several weeks of working with small-scale styrofoam and cardboard models, students in the Theatre Arts class at Martensville High School (MHS) are finally getting down to brass tacks.

The students are building a full-scale wooden set of a 19th century parlor, complete with staircase and a bedroom loft that reaches almost as high as the theatre’s 30-foot ceiling. Continue reading “Martensville students set the stage for drama production”