Martensville Aquatic Centre gears up for crowds

Martensville Aquatic Centre manager Emily Harwood-Johnson says the pool staff are ready to handle the expected crowds this weekend

This weekend will feel more like opening day for the staff at the Martensville Aquatic Centre (MAC). Continue reading “Martensville Aquatic Centre gears up for crowds”

Dive right in! Martensville Aquatic Centre is a popular place every summer

When it first opened back in the summer of 2010, the Martensville Aquatic Centre made a big splash in the region.
Eight years later, the facility is more popular than ever.
Just ask Hannah Strautman. The co-manager of the pool landed her first part-time job as a lifeguard there just before she went into Grade 11 in 2010. It was so much fun she decided to return the following summer, and every year since.

Youngsters enjoy the waterslides at the Martensville Aquatic Centre

For the past four years, she’s been the senior staffer, coordinating shifts for the young summer staff and overseeing the operations.
“It’s an amazing place,” said Strautman in an interview. “Every year we have new people coming in, but there’s a real sense of teamwork and everyone has fun. I think that the public picks up on that feeling, and that’s one of the reasons they like coming here.”
That, and the fact it’s a great place to cool off on a hot day. Over the course of a summer, thousands of people pass through the turnstile at the front gate. The facility boasts three waterslides, a kiddie-pool, lane pool and shallow area with spray towers.
“The pool is a huge asset for the City of Martensville and the towns around here,” said Emily Harwood-Johnson, the other co-manager at the facility. “It’s a gathering place where people can socialize. On hot days, the parking lot is packed, the waterslides are packed, the lawn is full and so is the pool.
“It’s a place that people flock to, and it’s nice to have that in the community.”
The aquatic centre employs 17 young staff members during the summer. In addition to working as lifeguards, the staff also teach swimming lessons. Continue reading “Dive right in! Martensville Aquatic Centre is a popular place every summer”