Community engagement key to crime reduction, says RCMP

Warman Neighbourhood Watch co-coordinators Mark Stiglitz (left to right) and Marshall Seed accept a plaque of appreciation from Warman RCMP detachment Staff Sergeant Rob Eyre during a public meeting April 4 in Warman

Community safety and crime reduction are top priorities for RCMP across the province, according to Warman RCMP Detachment Staff Sergeant Rob Eyre. Continue reading “Community engagement key to crime reduction, says RCMP”

Warman Neighbourhood Watch building on experience

Warman Neighbourhood Watch co-founder Marshall Seed speaking at the organization’s public meeting on Thursday, March 8

Warman Neighbourhood Watch (WNW) volunteers have learned a lot in the four years since the organization started in 2014.
And they’re putting that knowledge and experience to work on a daily – and nightly – basis. Continue reading “Warman Neighbourhood Watch building on experience”

Neighbourhood Watch program making mark, says Seed

Four years after its founding, the Warman Neighbourhood Watch (WNW) organization is making a positive difference in the community,.
But there’s still plenty of work to do when it comes to preventing crime, particularly property damage, theft and vandalism, according to Marshall Seed, a co-founder of the group.
In an interview on Wednesday, August 30, Seed said there has been a spate of incidents involving “street racing and stunting” on residential streets, and vandalism and arson in some mall parking lots. Seed and WNW co-founder Mark Stiglitz also outlined several major areas of concern at a Warman City Council committee of the whole meeting on August 21.
“We’ve seen a lot of problems these last few weeks with young people starting fires in parking lots, hanging out and harassing people, climbing fire escapes and lamp posts, and stunting with cars,” said Seed. “One kid even impacted a building with his truck and caused over $20,000 in damage.”
Seed said the organization has been compiling hard evidence and has passed on the information it has collected to the RCMP. Continue reading “Neighbourhood Watch program making mark, says Seed”