Police combing rural areas for suspect near Maidstone, Paynton areas

RCMP officers are searching farms and rural acreages in the Maidstone and Paynton areas as part of an ongoing investigation that began near Edmonton on Wednesday, October 11.
Public safety is the number one priority for police at this time, according to a news release issued by the RCMP shortly after noon on Thursday, October 12.
“RCMP are currently on the scene of an ongoing investigation in the Maidstone detachment area,” stated the RCMP. “The public will see an increased police presence in relation to this investigation. It began last night in the Edmonton Police Service and Alberta RCMP areas. The individudals involved in this investigation may be armed and are considered dangerous.” Continue reading “Police combing rural areas for suspect near Maidstone, Paynton areas”

Caution urged for recreational users of North Sask River

Saskatchewan officials are cautioning residents to limit recreational activities in the North Saskatchewan River, as a result of the spill from a Husky Energy pipeline near Maidstone.

People are advised not to consume fish caught in the river, and to avoid water activities that may result in river water being ingested.

Activities not recommended in the North Saskatchewan River are:

  • Swimming
  • tubing, wakeboarding or skiing
  • other forms of recreation where people come in direct contact with the water
  • allowing pets or livestock in the water
  • eating fish from the river

“Our first priority is the health and safety of our residents,” Director of Environmental Health for the Ministry of Health Tim Macaulay said.  “We believe it’s wise to take these precautionary steps until authorities have determined that the river water quality does not pose a risk to public safety.”

Activities that should not pose a risk to residents are boating and catch-and-release fishing.

Recommendations for safe recreational water use will be updated as more information is gathered about the effects of the oil spill on the quality of river water.