Pruim and Haduik elected to Corman Park council

Arthur Pruim
Arthur Pruim

The RM of Corman Park will soon see a couple of new faces around the council table. Osler area farmer and businessman Arthur Pruim is the new councillor for Division 5, winning 101 electoral votes over incumbent Ken Beauchemin’s 84 votes.
Pruim was in British Columbia for board meetings when the election took place, but found a few minutes to talk about his win.
“I’m humbled and I appreciate the people that have believed I can do this job for them,” said Pruim. His approach of knocking on a lot of doors appears to have served him well.
“I did reach out to a considerable amount of people. And I apologize to those that I didn’t knock on their doors. But I did go around knocking on a considerable amount of doors in the division. And I look forward to meeting with all the other ones at some point in time as it works out or as they desire it.”
While he was meeting with people he heard a couple of important messages. “One is that the residents of Division 5 want to feel that they’re being listened to as ratepayers and that there is a relationship with the councillor who represents them,” said Pruim.
The second is, ratepayers want to feel there is a value they are receiving from the RM for the taxes they pay. He said different people have different expectations, based on their perceptions or opinions of what that value should be. “Roads were the number one topic as far as concerns that were raised,” he said.
Pruim looks forward to representing his division, their ideas and viewpoints.
“But overall I still am there for the bigger vision of Corman Park as a whole, for the betterment of Corman Park,” said Pruim. He looks forward to that ‘big picture’ focus and the opportunities and challenges that come with it. “I don’t want to be naïve and think there won’t be challenges because there will be challenges.”
One of those challenges is addressing growth in Saskatoon as well as the neighbouring cities of Warman and Martensville and other communities in the surrounding area. “So how does that growth impact Corman Park and secondly, how do you build relationships as the council of Corman Park with the councils of those cities? And then even bigger yet is the relationship above that, that goes to the provincial level in order to fund some of the infrastructure projects that are definitely going to have to occur as our area continues to thrive and grow.”

Lyndon Haduik
Lyndon Haduik

Two people ran for Division 3 in the RM. Lyndon Haduik received 183 votes, surpassing Sherry Mervold’s 100 votes.
“I would like to thank everyone that came out to vote. It was a great turn out,” said Haduik. “I have had many good luck wishes and congratulation phone calls and messages from Division 3 residents which I appreciate very much.”
Haduik looks forward to becoming more informed about the RM, discovering how things work and what would work best for Division 3.
He anticipates more changes in the RM and wants to ensure those change are beneficial to all, while also remaining committed to Division 3 and ensuring it continues to develop and prosper.
“Thanks to everyone that helped me with this election. I will do my best as councillor for Division 3 residents. If you have concerns or questions feel free to let me know what those are so I can bring them forward.”
RM administrator Adam Tittemore said voter turnout for this election was better than the previous election. But because division boundaries have changed it is difficult to make many comparisons beyond that.         “Looking back at the 2012 election when both Divisions 3 and 5 were last elected, voter turnout was 198 in Division 3 and 91 in Division 5, versus 283 and 185 respectively, this year. Prior to that the division boundaries were significantly different so a comparison cannot be made. But certainly turnout was higher than the previous election.”

Corman Park Division 3 up for grabs

Lyndon Haduik
Lyndon Haduik

Councillors are to be elected in Division 3 and Division 5 of the RM of Corman Park in the October 26 election. Candidates presented speeches at the RM Annual General Meeting on October 12 at Father Donlevy Hall in Saskatoon.

A first call for nominations to fill the vacancy created by the departure of David Fox from Division 3 yielded no takers. A second call produced two candidates. Lyndon Haduik and Sherry Mervold are running to represent Division 3.

Lyndon Haduik has lived in Furdale, which is in Division 3 of the RM for 20 years. He worked at Maple Leaf for 20 years and his wife Krystal is a nurse with the Saskatoon Health Region. In 2009, the two of them started their own small business of trenching and haying, and later, they started grain farming.

“The RM of Corman Park is a great place to be a businessperson and a farmer.  I intend to keep it that way,” said Haduik. “I care what happens in Division 3 and about the people who live in Division 3. I am interested in people’s concerns and what I can do to help. We do a lot of business and farming in Division 3 so your concern is my concern.”

Haduik added that Division 3 has changed a lot since he moved there 20 years ago. “More changes are to come. I want to be a part of the changes and make sure these changes are good for everyone. We want Division 3 to develop and prosper but still be a great area to live.” Haduik encouraged residents to feel free to call him anytime with questions or concerns. “My cell phone will be on.”

He also thanked David Fox for representing Division 3 so well over the last four years.

Sherry Mervold
Sherry Mervold

Sherry Mervold previously served the RM as councillor for Division 2 where she has lived for the past 17 years. In the October 2014 election, voters elected Michelle Chuhaniuk for Division 2. Now Mervold wants to serve as councillor for Division 3.

“I am interested in the operations of the whole RM; all divisions. In order to represent Division 3 it is critical to also understand the issues in the other divisions. I will be attentive to their concerns as I hope they will listen to the concerns of Division 3.”

Now retired, Mervold worked at Canada Post for 33 years, the final 10 in revenue verification. She has done consulting work and partnered in several Saskatoon business ventures. Mervold is a former member of the Corman Park Police Commission and has completed municipal leadership courses.

RM councillors recognized outgoing Division 3 councillor David Fox in their regular meeting on Monday. Reeve Judy Harwood thanked Fox for his service and presented him with a locally sourced painting of the South Saskatchewan River near his division.
RM councillors recognized outgoing Division 3 councillor David Fox in their regular meeting on Monday. Reeve Judy Harwood thanked Fox for his service and presented him with a locally sourced painting of the South Saskatchewan River near his division.

Mervold told the AGM that the RM has road issues, a sentiment that was echoed later when the floor was open to the public. “I believe that Council as a whole can work to find solutions through accessing provincial and federal funding. This will hopefully ease the burden on RM taxpayers.”

She said she appreciates all the feedback she has received from ratepayers on issues and concerns they have. “I firmly believe that as your councillor it is my job to listen to you and to represent you.”

“In Division 3 we have acreages, farms and businesses and I believe that whether you have a half acre or 80 acres, we are all invested in the community and want to see the RM thrive.”

Candidates for Division 5, Ken Beauchemin and Arthur Pruim were featured in our October 6 issue.