Kevin Tooley seeks Sask Party nomination

Kevin Tooley

Warman City Councillor, Kevin Tooley, has been approved as a candidate for Saskatchewan Party nomination for the Martensville-Warman constituency for the 2020 provincial election. Continue reading “Kevin Tooley seeks Sask Party nomination”

UPDATED: Spence re-elected Warman Mayor, Jones elected new city councillor

Sheryl Spence has been re-elected to her fourth consecutive term as Warman Mayor
Sheryl Spence has been re-elected to her fourth consecutive term as Warman Mayor

Sheryl Spence has been re-elected to the post of Mayor of Warman for a fourth consecutive term.
According to unofficial results released Thursday, October 27 by the city’s electoral office, Spence received a total of 1466 votes, compared to 934 votes cast for challenger Ivan Gabrysh.
Spence was first elected to Warman Town Council in 2000. She was elected Mayor in 2006, and returned by acclamation in 2009 and again in 2012, when Warman achieved city status.
Spence, who celebrated her 37th wedding anniversary with her husband Dave on election day, said she is encouraged by the high voter turnout in the city and looks forward to another term in office.
“I would like to thank the residents of Warman for making this election a priority and taking the time to become informed,” said Spence following the election. “It was clear by the number of voters, we had an engaged community, and that is exactly what all of us as candidates hoped for.
Spence said she has several priorities for the next four years.
“I have a long lists of ‘to- do’s’ from my home visits that I take very seriously,” she said. “My long term goal to continue building a strong community for all, with expanded health care services, economic development, and recreational opportunities for all residents who call Warman their home.”
Spence said Warman is “a vibrant, beautiful community and we need to make sure all of us on Council, city employees, and residents are ambassadors for Warman.
“We all have a responsibility to support our community and boost about it whenever and wherever we can. Be proud, I know I sure am.
Warman is the best city to live, work, play and retire. No doubt about it.”
Gabrysh, who served as Warman City Manager from 2005 until his retirement from the position in 2013, said while he’s disappointed with the result, “the people of Warman have spkoen,” and he has no regrets about throwing his hat in the ring.
“I feel that I ran a good, clean honest campaign,” said Gabrysh in an interview following the election, “and I’m happy with that. I want to say ‘thank you’ to the people who voted for me.”
Gabrysh said he intends to continue being actively involved in community organizations in the city. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said.
Brian Jones will be the new face at the Warman City Council table when it meets for the first time after the election on November 14.
The incumbents on city council who stood for re-election were all returned for another term.
Jones received the second-highest vote count in the race for the six council seats. All those elected recieved over 1,000 votes, representing a higher-than average voter turnout in the election.
Incumbent Gary Philipchuk, a vice-principal at Warman High School, garnered the most votes with 1510, followed by Jones at 1221. Incumbents Kendall Shram was third with 1191; Richard Beck with 1088, Kevin Tooley with 1074 and Trevor Peterson with 1003.
(Zane Dmytryshyn, who was elected to council in 2012, opted not to seek re-election.)
The vote totals for the other candidates were: Doug Ramage (986), Timothy Rickard (878), James Heffernan (806), Michael Richards (745) and Jarrett Toffan (526).