Don’t get scammed by fraud artists, warns RCMP

Seniors are the most targeted group of people in the country when it comes to internet scams and phone fraud, according to Corporal Ken Aspen of the Warman RCMP detachment.
In a presentation at the Warman Community Library recently, Aspen said fraud artists are interested in only one thing.
“They want your money,” said Aspen. “And they’ll stop at nothing to get it. They don’t care if you go broke and have to eat dog food for the next three years.”

Corporal Ken Aspen of the Warman RCMP detachment outlines ways seniors can avoid becoming victims of fraud

Aspen, who spent several years in a branch of the RCMP specializing in investigations into financial crime, said seniors may be less likely to recognize phone fraud because they tend to be more trusting.
“When you get a phone call from someone claiming to be from Revenue Canada, the RCMP, or your bank, just hang up,” said Aspen. “And report it to the police. The reality is that these agencies don’t call you up and ask you to provide personal information. It just doesn’t happen.”
Aspen said this type of thief is looking for “key pieces of information, such as your name, your date of birth, your social insurance number, your birth certificate or your passport.
“Stealing your identity allows these criminals access to your bank account,” said Aspen. Continue reading “Don’t get scammed by fraud artists, warns RCMP”