Campaign for second ice surface going strong

Martensville Affinity Credit Union employees present a cheque for $500 to members of the Martensville Community Recreation Project at the city’s outdoor rink on Wednesday, January 24

Jesse Reis is optimistic that in a few years’ time, the second ice surface at Martensville’s hockey arena will be indoors, not outdoors. Continue reading “Campaign for second ice surface going strong”

Martensville Tuff Run raises funds for new ice surface

Martensville Community Recreation Project (MCRP) volunteers are taking a run at a new way of raising funds for a second indoor ice surface.
The “2017 Tuff Run” is a family-oriented event slated for Sunday, August 27, according to MCRP President Jesse Reis. The goal is to add money to the gradually-increasing pot that will eventually go toward a new or expanded facility in the city.
“We put on about five fundraising events over the course of the year,” explained Reis. “Some are larger than others, but they all make a difference.
“This is the first time we’ve organized a family fun run, and hopefully it will become an annual event.”
The MCRP fundraisers collectively contribute between $60,000 and $70,000 every year to the overall account, said Reis. Continue reading “Martensville Tuff Run raises funds for new ice surface”

Wrestling teams gear up for regionals and provincials

Warman High and Stobart Community School wrestling teams are ready for regionals and provincials, as the two tournaments close out the high school wrestling season.
Warman is hosting the Provincial Wrestling Championships on March 17 and 18 at the Legends Centre and coach Jesse Reis expects the youth to perform well at regionals and advance to provincials.
“I think most of our kids can qualify (for provincials). My goal would be … to send 12 … but we have the ability to send a majority of our kids for sure,” Reis said.
There are 16 students on the team, which includes seven girls and nine boys and they will all be competing at the Regional Wrestling Tournament in Moose Jaw on March 11. Reis said there has been a recent increase of girls joining the sport and he expects them to do well at regionals.
“The girls program has always been smaller. But the last two years, with the growth of rugby, it’s actually really helped bring girls out into wrestling,” Reis said.
To advance to the provincial tournament, the athletes have to finish in the top four in their respective weight class at regionals and Reis believes the team is ready to do well against the competition.
“Throughout the year, with the tournaments they’ve wrestled in, they have been in some of those weight categories. So they have an idea of who their competition is a little bit and where they’re supposed to be,” Reis said.
The students have put in a lot of effort and work during the season and have shown improvement. Reis said that some of them have attended wrestling camps and have participated in club wrestling that takes place in Saskatoon, which shows their dedication and commitment to the sport.
“It’s one of our hardest working teams as a whole that we’ve had in the six years that we’ve had a wrestling program. We’ve always had one or two kids that would step up more than the others in previous years. But this year, it seems the team as a whole is ready to put in the work,” Reis said.
Overall, Reis believes that hosting provincals will generate more interest among people to join the sport.
“I tried my best to not only give these kids an opportunity in wrestling, but just to grow the sport in our community here. So we host provincials which in regards to the prestigiousness of the event, it’s pretty large,” Reis said. “That’s the top high school tournament within Saskatchewan and you’re going to get some of the best wrestlers in Saskatchewan out at that event.
The Stobart wrestling program consists of two clubs. There are 11 youth on the junior team and four on the senior squad. Only the senior team will be competing in Moose Jaw.
The senior team had success this year, bringing home three silver medals from the Titan Wrestling Tournament in Regina last month.
Coach Owen Quance said the team has worked hard all season as they practice three times a week. The students also attended camps in Prince Albert put on by the University of Saskatchewan Huskies wrestling team.
“The camps that they went to were on Christmas break and February break, so they’re actually giving up some of their vacation to make sure that they’re getting this opportunity,” Quance said. “It’s been some dedication on their behalf and it’s really starting to shine through.”
Quance believes that each wrestler has the ability to perform well at the regional tournament and it should be interesting as two members of the team, who are brothers, will be competing in the same weight class.
“For a lot of them, this is their second, third year of wrestling. And all of that training is starting to come in, it’s starting to sink through. So it’s been really fun to watch,” Quance said.
The team competed in four tournaments this season and Quance said by particpating in those events it helps the students gain experience and enjoy the sport more.
“We’ve done what we can to make sure that they’ve got opportunities to wrestle as much as they can,” Quance said.