Depression-era photo inspires Alberta couple’s journey

Abe and Elizabeth Fehr of Neuanlage and their children in Edmonton in 1934. (L-R) Abraham Fehr, Jr., age 4; Helen Fehr, age 6; John Fehr, age 2, in front of father; Abraham C. Fehr, blacksmith; Agatha Fehr, age 3; Corny Fehr, age 10; Herman Fehr, age 8; and Mrs. Elizabeth Fehr, holding three month old Peter

An iconic photograph that became a symbol of the Great Depression has a special significance for the Fehr family of the Hague area.

The photo, taken in June, 1934 and published in the Edmonton Journal along with a story about the family, shows Abraham and Elizabeth Fehr and their seven children standing beside their broken-down 1926 Chevrolet on an Edmonton street. Continue reading “Depression-era photo inspires Alberta couple’s journey”

Fundraising drive for new hospital in Rosthern underway

Sikander Javed of Rosthern is donating 50 per cent of his business profits this year and next toward a new hospital in Rosthern.

A campaign to raise $7 million toward construction of a new hospital in Rosthern is gathering steam. Continue reading “Fundraising drive for new hospital in Rosthern underway”