Langham Mayor and family back home for Christmas

Seven-year-old Caleb Hildebrand of Langham

Langham Mayor John Hildebrand and family returned home to Langham on Thursday night, December 12. The Hildebrand family has been in Edmonton since late August, where seven-year-old Caleb Hildebrand has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma cancer at Stollery Children’s Hospital. Continue reading “Langham Mayor and family back home for Christmas”

Police combing rural areas for suspect near Maidstone, Paynton areas

RCMP officers are searching farms and rural acreages in the Maidstone and Paynton areas as part of an ongoing investigation that began near Edmonton on Wednesday, October 11.
Public safety is the number one priority for police at this time, according to a news release issued by the RCMP shortly after noon on Thursday, October 12.
“RCMP are currently on the scene of an ongoing investigation in the Maidstone detachment area,” stated the RCMP. “The public will see an increased police presence in relation to this investigation. It began last night in the Edmonton Police Service and Alberta RCMP areas. The individudals involved in this investigation may be armed and are considered dangerous.” Continue reading “Police combing rural areas for suspect near Maidstone, Paynton areas”