Legislation tabled to enhance Sask Coroners Service

Legislation is being introduced to enhance the Saskatchewan Coroners Service.

The amendments to The Coroners Act, 1999 will allow inquest coroners to make recommendations at the conclusion of an inquest and allow the chief coroner to appoint coroners.

The changes were recommended in the 2018 review of the Office of the Chief Coroner, now named the Saskatchewan Coroners Service. Continue reading “Legislation tabled to enhance Sask Coroners Service”

WCB extends cancer coverage for firefighters

Starting November 15, professional and volunteer firefighters will be able to access Workers’ Compensation coverage for six additional cancers.

In addition, an amendment will come into force to enable Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) claimants to access their entire claim file. Continue reading “WCB extends cancer coverage for firefighters”