Twin Rivers Music Festival attracts record entries

Twin Rivers Music Festival President Doreen Benson with some of the trophies on display at the festival, which began last weekend and continues until Sunday, March 31

The Twin Rivers Music Festival (TRMF), currently underway in Dalmeny, has expanded to three venues to accommodate all the entries.

“We have 415 entries across all our disciplines,” said TRMF President Doreen Benson in an interview on Wednesday, March 27, “That’s a record for us. We’ve really grown this year.” Continue reading “Twin Rivers Music Festival attracts record entries”

Tow truck rally promotes highway safety message

Tow trucks and fire trucks pull out of the weigh scales east of Langham onto Highway 16 at sundown on Thursday, March 7

“Slow down and move over” when passing emergency vehicles on the highway.

The extra 30 seconds could save a life.

About two dozen tow truck drivers, along with firefighters from Dalmeny, Borden and Radisson, put that message front and centre on Highway 16 at sunset on Thursday, March 7. Continue reading “Tow truck rally promotes highway safety message”