Skippy’s Chokecherries – Ringing in the new year in the nation’s icebox

Oh, hello there, 2018.
I didn’t see you come in, probably because I was turning up the thermostat and plugging in the car.
You left the back door open, by the way.
Not wide open. Just a crack; but still enough to let 2017 slip through and skulk quietly away; unobserved and un-missed; into the dark, cold, snowy prairie night.
You sure picked a heck of a cold snap to make your appearance. We all love living here in the nation’s heartland, but sometimes these temperature extremes can get on a guy’s nerves. It hardly seems fair that the nation’s oven in summer is also the nation’s icebox in winter. Continue reading “Skippy’s Chokecherries – Ringing in the new year in the nation’s icebox”

COLUMN: ‘Life’s too short to fold your underwear’

Folding underwear is seldom a big production in my world, hardly more exalted than a brief movement from dryer to drawer.

The real appeal behind this amusing book title is the instant, reflexive and light-weight assessment of time priorities it triggers. Life’s too short for a lot of things. But which things?

In this culture of efficiency, minimalism and mindfulness, we face competing priorities. We are simultaneously commanded both to speed up and slow down.

Efficiency, the source of accelerated activity, is king. The wheels of capitalism turn on ever-greater efficiencies. Efficiency is both seducer and tyrant. Continue reading “COLUMN: ‘Life’s too short to fold your underwear’”

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