Water and wastewater utility rates are going up in Warman on April 1 as a result of an increase in the price of water paid by the city to Sask Water.

Sask Water is a provincial crown corporation that owns and operates the pipeline distribution system which carries treated potable water from Saskatoon. Sask Water purchases treated water from the City of Saskatoon and re-sells that water to urban communities and rural water utilities in the region.

Last fall, Sask Water notified the City of Warman that the reseller price of water would rise by 5% in the spring of 2024. A further increase in Sask Water rates is anticipated for the spring of 2025.

Warman City Council voted at a regular council meeting on Monday, March 11 to amend its water and utility rates bylaw to include a 5% price increase for residential and commercial users. The price increase reflects the higher cost of water paid by the city, and also covers the cost of distribution within the city.

Effective April 1, 2024, the minimum charge for 1,750 gallons or less of water consumed per month will rise from $48.26 to $50.66. The rate above 1,750 gallons increases from $27.58 to $28.95 per 1,000 gallons.

The updated city bylaw states the monthly sewer rates for commercial and industrial customers in Warman is 30% of the monthly water charge, subject to a minimum charge of $15.19 per month. The residential sewer rate is 20% of the monthly water charge, subject to a minimum charge of $10.13 per month.

In addition to consumption charges, the city also has a Waste Water Infrastructure surcharge of $5.00 per month that was implemented in May, 2023.

The City of Martensville is also increasing its water and wastewater rates effective April 1 as a result of the Sask Water price hike. Martensville City Council approved an increase from $4.63 per cubic meter to $4.88 per cubic meter at a council meeting February 20.