Government Relations Minister Don McMorris

The fall intake period opened October 3 for the Targeted Sector Support (TSS) Initiative, a cost-shared grant program that encourages municipalities to work together to build even better Saskatchewan communities.​

“Thanks to an ongoing partnership with the municipal associations in Saskatchewan, our provincial government continues to invest in projects that build better communities,” Government Relations Minister Don McMorris said. “Municipalities across the province are encouraged to work together and kick-start progress, innovation and growth that will help keep Saskatchewan strong.”​

The TSS Initiative provides cost-shared grants to support municipalities partnering on projects focused on inter-community collaboration, help build capacity and promote good governance. Funding streams include capacity building, regional co-operation and municipal transition, and relationship building and dispute resolution.​

Successful projects are eligible to receive 75 per cent of eligible costs to the maximum amount of $100,000. Project partners are responsible for the remaining 25 per cent of the eligible costs.​

The $1.5 million annual funding is available for the TSS initiative. It is allocated from the municipal sharing program.​

The Saskatchewan Association of Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) administers this funding on behalf of the TSS Steering Committee. The TSS Steering Committee consists of representatives from SUMA, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM), the Saskatchewan Association of Northern Communities (New North) and the Ministry of Government Relations.​

“We value partnerships and how they help strengthen communities,” SUMA President Randy Goulden said. “It’s why being part of the Targeted Sector Support (TSS) Initiative is important to us. Together, through TSS funding, communities can pursue projects that build capacity and strengthen local governance. Whether the project involves collaborating on a land use strategy, creating an emergency preparedness study, or completing a regional assessment, we encourage Saskatchewan’s hometowns to apply.”

“Municipal Revenue Sharing is important for building strong municipalities,” SARM President Ray Orb said. “We are pleased to see another round of applications for the Targeted Sector Support Initiative as SARM believes in the power of partnerships and that funding projects that support inter-municipal cooperation will advance the sustainability of communities across the province.”

Previously approved projects include training to enhance the governance skills of municipal officials; developing regional emergency plans; undertaking a municipal district feasibility study; and land use analysis maps.​

Interested municipalities can learn more and apply at​