On August 3, Corman Park Police Service (CPPS) observed a black Dodge Ram travelling southbound on Highway 12 at a high rate of speed. The driver stated that he was on the way to the hospital as he was having chest pain. Police asked if he needed an ambulance called, but the driver denied medical attention. A demand to provide a breath sample was made by police. The accused  attempted nine times to provide a sample unsuccessfully, and was subsequently charged with refusing to comply with demand. He wasreleased on an appearance notice for court in September 2023.

On August 7, at 10:06 a.m., CPPS received a call from Saskatoon Fire who stated they were enroute to a mulch fire in Corman Park Industrial Park. Entry was made into the compound and a smoldering pile of absorbing agent on the southeast side of the compound was located and extinguished. No structures or vehicles were damaged or threatened. Saskatoon Fire Department believe the unknown absorbing agent spontaneously combusted.

On July 29, at 4:39 p.m., DOCC aired out a call regarding a theft of fuel from the Borden Gas Plus. The subject vehicle was described as a grey Ford Ecosport and was heading toward Saskatoon on Highway 16. CPPS located the subject vehicle turning off of Highway 16 to RR 3062. Police arrested the driver of the subject vehicle for theft under $5000, noting a strong smell of beverage alcohol and slurring his speech. ASD resulted in a “FAIL. Two breath samples obtained with readings of 190 and 200 mgs respectively. The driver was released on an Appearance Notice for court later in August, at Saskatoon Provincial Court.

On August 6, at 3:17 p.m., CPPS received a complaint regarding a suspicious vehicle/possible trespassing on TWP 374 just east of Highway 16. The complainant stated he witnessed multiple people around the vehicle throughout the past 24 hours and had seen an older car at the location. Police located the vehicle and three persons. One male became extremely confrontational, stating he wasn’t breaking the law, despite the Trespass to Property Act being explained to him. He was arrested for obstruction and resisting arrest. He was subsequently released on an Undertaking to attend Saskatoon Provincial Court in September.

On August 12 at 6:11 a.m. CPPS received a call from the Travel Inn on Floral Road, reporting a suspicious male with no shirt, blood on his face, wandering in the area. A male matching the description had just committed a theft at the Petro Canada and was last seen on Highway 11. After a short foot pursuit and with the assistance of Saskatoon Police Service, the suspect was arrested in the 1200 Block of Rempel Cres for theft and Obstruction.

On August 16 at 12:33 a.m., DOCC dispatched a call of a vehicle on fire on Highway 7, west of Saskatoon. CPPS arrived on scene to find a BMW car fully engulfed in flames. The driver provided a statement that he was driving towards Calgary when smoke started coming in to the car. He pulled over and the car caught fire and he called 911. Both occupants of the vehicle were not injured.