With the fishing season well underway, the Ministry of Environment is reminding anglers to know your limit and stay within it when out on Saskatchewan waters.

Saskatchewan angling regulations set daily limits for the maximum amount and size of fish that can be caught and retained in most waters. Certain waterbodies will also have specific limits for that location or catch-and-release limits that have been established for certain fish species.

“Saskatchewan is renowned by residents and visitors alike for our beautiful waters and world class fishing opportunities,” Environment Minister Dana Skoropad said. “By staying within the set limits, anglers directly contribute to the province’s efforts to keep our fish populations healthy and abundant for years to come.”

The best way to know your limit is to check the Saskatchewan Anglers Guide before heading out. General limits can be found on page 6 of the guide and catch-and-release limits are on page 10. Refer to pages 11-28 for limits on specific bodies of water.

The limit applies to any fish an angler possesses, including fish that are eaten or given away that day, fish that are at camp, or fish being transported or stored, including those stored elsewhere.   

Any fish caught above the daily limit, including where the limit is zero, must be immediately released back into the waters where they were caught in a manner that causes the least harm to the fish.

And don’t forget – Free Fishing Weekend is July 8-9! This Saturday and Sunday, Saskatchewan residents and visitors can fish for free without a license – all limits will still apply (learn more).

For more information about angling in Saskatchewan and to download a copy of the Angler’s Guide, visit saskatchewan.ca/fishing.