Work is underway on Centennial Drive North in Martensville

One of Martensville’s busiest arterial roadways is being repaved this month.

Martensville City Council voted at its meeting on Tuesday, May 2 to award a $752,000 contract to ASL Paving to complete the repaving of Centennial Drive North between Main Street and 3rd Street North.

While the bid submitted by ASL Paving was the second-lowest price, it scored higher on the City of Martensville’s tendering policy criteria, which also takes into account previous experience and references, schedule, and Indigenous participation.

The work began Wednesday, May 3 and is expected to take about two weeks, weather permitting.

Martensville Mayor Kent Muench said the contract also includes upgrading the storm water catch basin on the southwest corner of the intersection of Main Street and Centennial Drive North.

“Every spring, and after every major rainfall, that catch basin always fills with water and creates difficulties for vehicle and pedestrian traffic,” said Muench. “So they’re going to make that catch basin larger and increase its capacity, and allow the water to drain west toward the overpass.

“When the overpass was constructed the grade was lower than Centennial Drive, so we’ll be able to improve things and get some actual positive drainage.”

But it’s not just a simple matter of digging a bigger hole.

“There are a lot of underground utilities in that location, so it makes it a bit more challenging for the contractors,” said Muench. “And of course, it’s a very busy street in our main commercial area, with two northbound lanes, two southbound lanes, and a median turning lane. There’s a lot of traffic flows along that stretch of road.”

The roadwork also coincides with the establishment of a new mid-block pedestrian crosswalk near the Co-op grocery store. As part of the new crosswalk, a traffic island in the middle of the street will be created; and two driveways for businesses on the east side of Centennial Drive will become “right in – right out” restricted access.

Muench said the project marks the last piece of Centennial Drive to be upgraded.

“Once this is done we’ll have repaved the entirety of Centennial Drive from north to south,” said Muench. “It’s a big part of our capital asset replacement plan that’s been ongoing over the past decade, where we’ve quantified and identified all the roadways in Martensville and their anticipated life expectancy. Every year we plan for streets to be upgraded when they come due.”

The fact that the contractor was able to undertake the work early in the season was an unexpected surprise for council, said Muench.

“Having the repaving done right away in early May, instead of September or October at the tail end of construction season, is a huge perk,” he said. “This is a big project for Martensville; but we’re a small city compared to Saskatoon, which has a multi-million dollar capital budget. So usually contractors do those big ticket projects first.”

The framework of the new Martensville multi-purpose recreation facility is taking shape


Construction is also underway on the new $44 million Martensville multi-purpose recreation facility on the west side of Highway 12. The project was one of several highlighted during a public open house session at Martensville City Hall following the council meeting on May 2.

“The steel skeleton of the new rink is rising up out of the prairie,” said Muench. “It’s a pretty impressive building, and it’s a physical testimonial to the work that dedicated volunteers have put into this project over the last decade. I think it will be a strong motivator for people who are new to the community to see this new recreation facility taking shape. They’ll realize our community is strong and that when you get together with some people and you have an idea and you want to make that amenity happen, then you can do it.

“It’s being built, but there’s still a lot of work to do as far as fundraising to come up with the city’s share of the overall cost. The campaign to encourage donations is really important to finish this phase of the project.”

Residents took in the open house at Martensville City Hall on Tuesday, May 2


Muench said the city is working to ensure pedestrian connectivity with the new recreational, residential and commercial developments planned for the west side of Highway 12. He said the discussions are ongoing with the provincial Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure to have a pedestrian walkway added to the Main Street-Township Road 384 overpass.

“We have an engineering firm that has designed a plan for a pedestrian walkway that would be added to the vehicle overpass,” said Muench. “And we’ve shared that with the Ministry. But, in the end, the overpass is provincial jurisdiction and the Ministry of Highways has the final say, and they have to okay the plan. Sometimes it’s not easy to get provincial approval; and the Ministry of Highways doesn’t really do overpasses in urban areas, so we’re sort of new in that regard. The overpass at Warman over Highway 11 is outside the urban boundary, while ours is inside our city limits.”

Muench noted that the speed limit for vehicles travelling east or west on the overpass is 50 kilometers per hour.

“It’s a regular Martensville roadway,” he said, adding the overpass is a key component in the city’s plan for a connected community.

“The reality is that non-vehicular traffic crossing the highway is going to happen in Martensville in the very near future and we need to ensure that pedestrians and cyclists are safe,” he said. “It’s not complicated.”