Safety Tips for Driving

Safety is something that drivers should always keep in mind. When you are operating a motorized vehicle, you have a responsibility to do your part to keep the roadways safe for yourself, other drivers, passengers, and others who may be affected by you.

Our focus as warmer weather approaches will be on maintaining the integrity of the RM roadways by enforcing the weight restrictions and road bans. CPPS will continue to work with educating trucking companies and other users to reduce the impact of overweight vehicles on our infrastructure.

With the spring seeding season soon to be upon us, there will be more slow-moving farm equipment on the roads. Our focus during this period is to keep farmers, farm workers, and commuters safe when farm vehicles are on roadways with motorists travelling at higher speeds, and to make sure farmers and farm workers are adhering to safe practices when sharing provincial highways and RM roadways.

Incidents of Note

On February 26 at 11:40 p.m. Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) members initiated a pursuit on a stolen black Honda CR-V north bound on Highway 12 that was involved in a robbery with firearms with four suspects. CPPS was set up on Highway 12 and Highway 305 with a tire deflation device, which was successfully deployed resulting in the arrest of the only occupant in the vehicle without incident.

On February 26 at 1:35 p.m. CPPS executed a traffic stop after receiving an Automated License Plate Reader hit for a wanted person. A CPIC check revealed the owner of the vehicle was wanted by SPS for sexual assault. The owner was found to be operating the vehicle and was subsequently placed under arrest for the warrant. He was transported to SPS headquarters and turned over to custody of detention staff.

On February 21 at 10:26 p.m., SPS were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle that was about to leave the city northbound on Highway 12. Air One was primary on the pursuit and all ground units terminated. CPPS set up at Township Road 380 and Highway 12 with spikes; however, were not able to deploy. The stolen vehicle continued northbound on Highway 12, passing CPPS, and was eventually apprehended north of Petrofka Bridge by RMCP and SPS.