Take care during the cold snap, paramedics advise

The cold weather has arrived and Medavie Health Services West Paramedics would like to remind the public to dress warm and properly this week.

“With this week’s forecast Frost nip and Frost bite, or hypothermia can happen within minutes if people don’t dress properly” stated Medavie spokesperson, Troy Davies.

“Paramedics are asking parents to watch their children this week if they are going outside to make sure they are dressed in layers, and coming indoors at regular intervals. If traveling on the highway or rural roads make sure your cell phone is fully charged, and if you do become stranded stay in your vehicle until help arrives.”

Signs of frost bite:

  • White waxy skin that feels numb
  • During re-warming there will be a burning sensation to the affected area
  • Skin will blister and swell and may turn red, blue or purple

What to do if you’re exposed to frost nip/frostbite:

  • Come indoors immediately
  • Remove all wet clothing
  • Immerse chilled body parts in warm (not hot) water
  • Do Not rub frostbitten area, limit movement
  • Activate EMS or see your family physician if the swelling or pain doesn’t go away

Ensure that your vehicle is equipped with emergency kits and blankets just in case you become stranded for any amount of time on the highway. Following these tips will help you avoid any cold weather emergencies.