A Christmas Carol comes to life on stage at the Barn Playhouse

A Christmas Carol is currently playing at the Barn Playhouse

The opening week of performances of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, the story of the redemption of Scrooge, is underway at the Barn Playhouse.

Barn Playhouse Director Vickie Dyck said the cast and crew are looking forward to two more weeks. Fortunately for the public, tickets are still available for the December 4-8 and December 11-15 productions.

For tickets call 306-239-4600.

Dyck herself adapted Charles Dickens’ original novella and brought it to the stage in its original form.

“I am fascinated by Dickens himself,” said Dyck. “He was a performer and travelled Europe and North America, just one man on stage telling this story.

“So using Dickens’ incredibly rich prose we have a storyteller (the spirit of Christmas) beginning the performance.  Using Dickens’ own words straight from the novella, which by the way are filled with humour and attitude, we begin our performance as we meet the characters.”

Dyck takes on the role of the Spirit of Christmas storyteller herself.

“That’s the fun part for me,” she said.

“An interesting layer to our production started 38 years ago when I taught high school drama at Rosthern Junior College,” she added. “It was my first production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and, of course, we used only high school students.

“I remember being so proud of the job my students did back then. I also remember thinking, “I hope I get the chance to direct this show again when the teenage boy who played Ebenezer Scrooge is truly the right age to take on this role.’

“That hope has come to pass,” she concluded. “That young man, Cameron Nicole ,is 38 years older now, and is our Ebenezer Scrooge.”