Thin ice on storm ponds, river

Spring thaw temperatures have created dangerously unsafe ice conditions on municipal storm water reservoirs, sloughs and rivers.

Warman Recreation and Community Services Manager Paul McGonigal said city workers have posted thin ice warning signs around the storm ponds in Warman.

“It’s best to stay off the ice,” said McGonigal. “Warm temperatures have softened the ice cover, particularly around the edges. The melting snow is also creating a lot of surface runoff that goes into the storm sewer system, and that water drains into these reservoirs.

“With that additional water coming in, the ice is worn away underneath by the movement of the water. You can’t see it on the surface, but  it’s making what appears to be solid ice very unsafe.”

Warman Fire Chief Russ Austin is advising motorists to not attempt driving on the river ice at the Clarkboro Ferry crossing. He said the combination of melting ice and the lower water level of the river due to decreased flow from Gardiner Dam has made the ice very unstable and unsafe.