Students spend day at provincial Legislature

Grade 8 students from Langham and Allan, along with teachers and chaperones, visited the Legislative Building on March 14

Grade 8 students from Walter W. Brown School in Langham  are at the Legislative Building in Regina today as part of a semi-annual educational program.

A Day in the Legislative Assembly is hosting more than 50 Grade 8 students from Allan and Langham, their teachers and chaperones visited the Legislative Building on Thursday, March 14.

“This program is a great, hands-on way for students to learn about our system of government and democracy as a whole,” Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission Ken Cheveldayoff said. “My hope is that A Day in the Legislative Assembly shows the students how important the democratic process is and may even inspire them to become the next generation of public servants.”

Students from Allan Composite School and Walter W. Brown School will get a VIP tour of the Legislative Building, after being introduced in the House and watching Question Period. The students will also take part in a panel discussion led by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Mark Docherty, in the Chamber.

During this unique panel event, students will have the chance to sit in Members’ seats, learn about roles and responsibilities of elected officials and ask questions of Biggar-Sask Valley MLA Randy Weekes, Regina Northeast MLA Yens Pedersen, and Clerk of the Legislative Assembly Greg Putz.

“This program allows our Grade 8 social studies students to move beyond learning the theory of how our government in Saskatchewan functions and actually experience it first hand,” Allan Composite School teacher Joel Dreidger said. “Getting out of the school and witnessing our democracy at work is far more effective and empowering than any lesson could be. My hope is that students will recognize the significant role government plays in their day-to-day lives and see the importance of becoming critically engaged and socially active citizens in their communities.”

A Day in the Legislative Assembly was created in 2012 as part of the 100th Anniversary of the Legislative Building, and will be hosted again in the fall of 2019.