Buechler wins high school wrestling gold

Drake Buechler of Warman High School won a gold medal in the male 56 kilogram class  at the Saskatchewan High School Athletics Association (SHSAA) wrestling championships last weekend at Campbell Collegiate in Regina.

Buechler’s teammate, Zakary Hamm, narrowly missed out on a medal as well in the same weight class, finishing fourth in a field of 12 competitors.

Toryn Swystun-Bernes of Martensville High School earned a bronze medal in the male 82 kilogram weight class at the SHSAA wrestling championship in Regina.

Natasha Wiebe of Warman High School earned a bronze medal in the female 50 kilogram weight class. She placed third in a field of seven competitors.

Tatyana Laviolette of Martensville High School also earned a bronze medal. She placed third in the female 105 kilogram weight class.

Arwen Claypool of Martensville High School competed in the female 56 kilogram weight class. Katelyn Forseille of Stobart School in Duck Lake, and Olivia Hannah of Warman High School, competed in the female 60 kilogram weight class. Brooke Zaleschuk of Martensville High School placed sixth in the female 90 kilogram weight class.

Ashton Kwitkoski-Mihalich of Martensville High School also competed at the event, in the male 47 kilogram weight class. Quinton Pike of Martensville High School was a competitor in the male 115 kilogram weight class.

Martensville High School placed sixth overall in the 3A Boys wrestling team standings. Warman High School placed 12th overall in 4A Boys team standings.

Martensville High School placed third overall in the 3A Girls wrestling team standings, while the Warman High School team finished in a three-way tie for fourth in the SHSAA 3A Girls Wrestling overall standings.