MHS KidSport playhouse gets finishing touches

Martensville High School Grade 12 industrial arts students devoted countless hours to building this playhouse, the grand prize in a KidSport fundraising raffle

It’s the hottest ticket in town.

A customized 100-square foot playhouse built by Grade 12 students at Martensville High School (MHS) was officially completed on Wednesday, February 27.

The  playhouse, which can also be used as a high-end storage shed thanks to a set of double doors on the rear wall, is valued at $4,000.

It’s the grand prize in the fifth annual Martensville and Warman KidSport Raffle. Tickets are currently on sale through Martensville Lions Club members and also at the Martensville A&W.

The playhouse is slated to be moved to the A&W parking lot in the spring, where it will be on display until the draw is made on July 4.

The fundraising project began in 2015 and has grown in popularity every year. The four previous raffles raised thousands of dollars for the KidSport charity in Martensville and Warman. The organization provides funds to families that would otherwise not be able to enroll their children in organized sports.

A group of 19 dedicated Grade 12 students, who make up two Industrial Arts (IA) classes at MHS under the mentorship of teacher David Fossum, began work on the playhouse in early September. At the end of the first semester, many of the students continued to devote their spare time after school and during the school break so the project would be completed by the end of February.

The students involved in the project include: Vladyslav Briukhanov, Levi Diduck, Jaxen Glasser, Ethaniel Gorelitza, Brayden Shymko, James Swallow, Ryan Brandrick, Reja Grass, Tynan Guenther, Bryston Herbers, Westin Kotelko, Cody Kawdrysh, Austin Moore, Colton Woodley, Kaytlyn Murray, Jordan Crowder, Kayla Kurmey, Savannah Reid and Ty Moore..

It was a challenging endeavour, but also very rewarding, according to Ethaniel Gorelitza, a team leader with the student construction crew.

“It was pretty intimidating at the beginning,” said Gorelitza in an interview at the school IA shop on February 27. “It kind of seemed insurmountable at times.

“But now that we’ve seen it through from start to finish, we’re all very, very happy with the result and proud of what we’ve accomplished, It looks great and it’s definitely built to last.”

The MHS KidSport playhouse

Gorelitza said it took the students a few weeks in September to get up to speed and comfortable with the construction tools and techniques. Once they had the necessary skills and knowledge, they had to really buckle down in order to meet a series of deadlines for each stage of the project.

“We had to work as a team because all the different tasks had to be completed by different people and each one had to be done by a certain time,” he said. “We all knew that everything had to be done by a certain date to get the next thing done. So while some of us worked on the front porch and pillars, others were doing the siding and putting the roof joists in, We all had our jobs to do, but we helped each other out at times to make sure everything was done on time.”

Gorelitza said the finishing touches really define the playhouse.

“That’s the stuff everyone notices right away, so they’re really important,” he said. “Things like the red pillow skirting around the top of the roof and the porch railings.”

Gorelitza said he enjoyed installing the electrical wiring the most.

“That was defiantly the  most enjoyable part for me,” he said. “There were things that could have been improved. I used a lot more cable than I probably needed to but it wasn’t done wrong. It was done right. There’s enough wire.”